Liposomal Supplements

Using Liposomal Absorption TechnologyTM

MaxHealth is the ONLY Liposome Company that:

  • Has REAL human clinical trial data PROVING elevated blood levels!
  • Has All-Natural Flavoring!: (nothing artificial)
  • Has Patented Technology (L.A.T.) (Maxhealth has 10 International & 4 Domestic Liposome Technology Patents)
  • Uses PHARMA Grade Quality
  • Is Made By World Renowned Liposome Scientists
  • Formulates & Manufactures Our Own Products In-House


Hear what Medical Professionals are saying

There is no other Liposomal Vitamins in the world that can compare to MaxHealthLabs Intra-Cellular brand. They are the only ones with clinical trials to prove their effectiveness. All other have anecdotal evidence….MaxHealth has true and clear evidence.------Dr. Meg Qayum M.D.

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