Liposomal Vitamin C

The Most Powerful Full-Spectrum Antioxidant. Clinical Studies link higher blood levels of Vitamin C as the SINGLE GREATEST INDICATOR for overall health and wellness!

Intra-Cellular Vitamin C provides Pharmaceutical Strength BioAvailability& Absorption and is without question the #1 choice of Healthcare Professionals & Consumers who understand the TRUE importance and wide range of potential health benefits that High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy has to offer.

Scientific evidence clearly shows the use of High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy to be extremely successful in treating patients with various illnesses. These Published Clinical Studies report that in many cases, the use of High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy can reverse certain illness & disease altogether.

At least 300 functions in the human body depend on adequate levels of Vitamin C, starting with the manufacture of collagen, a protein substance found in skin, ligaments, bones, and many other body tissues.

Many Scientists are now agreeing to the true benefits of Vitamin C, which can have a major effect on lifespan itself! A recent study by The University of Cambridge, using over 19,000 case subjects, directly connected High-Dose Vitamin C Blood Levels to longer life and a reduced risk of death by ALL causes by as much as 50%.

Almost ALL other traditional forms of vitamin C have absorption limitations that severely restrict the level of Vitamin C that can enter the bloodstream and most importantly... The Cells. When Vitamin C is orally taken (Pills, Powders, Tablets, etc.) and/or through Dietary/Food Sources, a very large percentage of the orally ingested Vitamin C simply gets flushed out of the body and does not get absorbed into the bloodstream and cells.

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Liposomal Vitamin C
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Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant New Intra-Cellular Bio-Availablility Liposomal Technology
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Each Carton Contains 30 Servings


General Benefits:


  • Natural Anti-Aging Factors*

  • Powerful Antioxidant Support*

  • Natural Immune System Support*

  • Supports Energy Production*

  • Promotes Liver Repair & Function*

  • Promotes Optimal Memory & Brain Function*

  • Promotes Healthy Cholesterol 


  • Supports Glandular Health*

  • Supports Cardiovascular Health*

  • Promotes Bone, Hair, Nail & Skin Health*


***Please see Nutrition/Supplement Facts for complete ingredients***

Medication Alert: Due to the fact that any form of Vitamin C can interfere with blood thinners such as Coumadin and/or Warfarin, you should consult with your physician before using any of these medications with Intra-Cellular Vitamin C.