MaxHealthLabs is currently undergoing a company-wide reorganization. With the assistance of an independent third party, all phases of our ongoing operations, including our sales inventory and supply line vendors, bookkeeping and accounting records, advertising, packaging and product marketing are being reviewed. Unfortunately, this process has led to unanticipated business interruptions and delivery delays.

The order processing and product shipments portion of our business has been affected by short-term delays, and for that we apologize! If you have already paid for an unfulfilled order through our PayPal Payment Processor and do not wish to wait longer for our delivery start-up date to be announced, please let us know and we will attempt to process a refund for you.

We apologize for the unanticipated delays and the inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your patience. All of us at MaxHealthLabs are fully committed to continue to provide you with our products and our great customer service and are anxious to begin shipping orders very soon!


The MaxHealthLabs' Team

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