Liposomal Glutathione

Glutathione is the unsung antioxidant ... the one that makes all the others work. Robert C. Atkins, MD, Founder of The Atkins Center

The easiest surest way to live an extra decade or two: Increase your body's supply of glutathione. Dr. David Williams

Intra-Cellular Glutathione is the Most Powerful Naturally Occurring Antioxidant in All Human Cells.

The highest concentration of intracellular Glutathione is found in the liver, making it critically important in the detoxification and elimination of free radicals. Accumulation of these dangerous compounds can result in oxidative stress, which occurs when the generation of free radicals in the body exceeds the body’s ability to neutralize and eliminate them. Free radicals are highly reactive compounds created in the body during normal metabolic functions; they can also enter the body through the environment.

Metabolically, Glutathione has many functions. For example, glutathione plays a substantial role in the functioning of the body’s immune system. Its antioxidant property makes it vital to white blood cells (lymphocytes)—as it allows them to reach their full potential during the oxygen-requiring activity of the body’s immune response.

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Liposomal Glutathione
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Intra-Cellular Glutathione High Absorption Liposomal Technology
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Each Carton Contains 30 Servings



Liposomal Glutathione General Benefits:


  • One of the Strongest Anti-Cancer Agents Produced by the Body*

  • Extremely Potent Anti-Aging, Anti-Allergenic, Anti-Bacterial (Natural Antibiotic), Anti-Fungal, Anti-Oxidant, and Anti-Viral Properties*

  • Liposomal Glutathione Supports and Strengthens the Immune System*

  • Promotes Optimal Brain Function such as: Improved Memory, Focus, and Concentration*

  • Contains Intense Detoxification Factors- Including Heavy Metal Detoxification*

  • Liposomal Glutathione Promotes Aggressive Liver Regeneration*

  • Extremely Effective in Fighting Free Radical Cell Oxidation*


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